Zumba & FitSteps Dance Class FAQ'S

Please see below Adult and Children's Zumba & FitSteps dance class FAQ'S.

Adult FAQ's

  • How often do the classes run and where?

    Adult dance classes run on a weekly basis throughout the year, with online booking required. There are adult classes in East Devon and Live Online, consisting of both morning and evening sessions. These include regular Zumba classes, low impact Zumba Gold classes and ‘Strictly’ Latin and Ballroom FitSteps classes. Please see the class Timetable section of the website for full details of all our adult dance classes held Live Online and in Devon.

  • What is the cost?

    All bookings and payments must be made online via our website. You can make a payment by ‘Creating An Account’ and logging in via our class Timetable page or by logging in via your Member Login page, visiting the My Profile section and clicking on Purchases.

    The cost for a single adult dance class is £7.00 per person.

    There is also an option of paying a reduced amount for a pack of either 4 or 8 class credits.

    4 Pack of Class Credits = £24

    8 Pack of Class Credits = £40

    N.B. Once having purchased a Multiple pack of class credits, you must then individually ‘Sign Up’ to each of your chosen classes.

    Please note all single and multiple class packs expire 30 days after their purchase date.

    In the event of a Lockdown all classes will revert back online.

    In these unprecedented and changeable times, if you are unable to attend online sessions it maybe more preferable for you to purchase the single class option.

  • Who would benefit?

    Everyone can benefit from attending the adult dance classes, whether they want to improve their fitness or sustain their current fitness levels.  The classes consist of a range of age, ability and gender with optional movements throughout the class, allowing people to work at their own pace.  The majority of class routines remain unchanged allowing people to become familiar and comfortable with the movements.  At intervals new routines will be introduced to provide additional variety and interest.  All classes are accompanied with a good warm up and cool down with stretches to increase flexibility.  In addition to its heart-health benefits, the adult dance classes also provide a full body workout.

  • What should I wear or bring along to the class?

    You are advised to wear simple comfortable clothing to exercise in, together with trainers or plimsolls to cushion your feet. Some people find track suits, leggings or shorts are suitable, plus an adequate sports bra for ladies. It is also advisable to bring some water, in order to keep your body hydrated during the class, and possibly a towel to help soak up those burnt calories.

  • What time should I arrive?

    In Venue:

    Following the Government Guidelines members should arrive in time for the start of the class and wait outside the Venue, while socially distancing, before being led into the hall to their set space.


    The View Broadcast link will be active on the class ‘Timetable‘ page of this website for you to click on at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of the class.

  • How will I know if a class is cancelled?

    When ‘Creating An Account’ on this website, please ensure we have your correct email address and phone number added to your Member Log In ‘Info Page’.  Also add johanna@jmdancefit.co.uk to your email contacts list. Subsequently, in the event of any class alterations due to weather or illness, you will be informed via text or email.

  • First class nerves

    The class is completely pressure free and intended for your enjoyment. The first class may feel a little challenging because the steps will be new and unfamiliar.  If you are concerned about picking up the routines, you may wish to focus on the foot movements for the first few classes.  In addition, if there are certain movements which you find uncomfortable e.g. a turn, then you may wish to stay facing forward. Each individual works at their own pace and ability.  The aim is to ensure that everyone who attends has fun and enjoys exercising at their own pace while achieving improved fitness and wellbeing.

  • Medical concerns

    The dance classes consist of a type of fitness workout that combines dance and aerobics with a full body workout in which you will be using different muscle groups.  It is your responsibility to ensure that if you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, or future changes in your health, that you consult with your doctor before participating in the class.

  • Live Online Class Access

    To ensure easy access to your chosen class, please complete the following steps:

    1). Ensure you have “Created An Account” on the JM DanceFit website. This can be done on the Timetable page or via clicking on the Login page.

    2). Visit the JM DanceFit Timetable page.

    3). Once you have an account, “Log In” and “Sign Up” to your chosen class. You will notice when you have correctly “Signed Up” for the class, it will change to “Deregister”. This simply means you have successfully registered for the class. N.B. The ability to “Sign Up” will be removed once the class has started. Therefore, it is important to “Sign Up” to class well in advance. If you find you are unable to attend a class you have “Signed Up” for, you must “Deregister” 30 minutes before the class starts to ensure you do not lose a credit.

    4). Download the FREE “Zoom” Meetings App on to the device you will be using to view the class and ensure you familiarise yourself with the application and the following buttons: “Gallery”/”Speaker” view, “Mute”, “Stop Video”. “Gallery” means viewing everyone who is attending the session. “Speaker” is what you will require to see me on your FULL screen for class.

    5). On the day of your chosen class you MUST “Log in” to the JM DanceFit site with your email and password, and visit the class you wish to attend.

    6). On the day of your chosen class the “Deregister” sign will change to “View Broadcast” 20 minutes before the start of the class. 

    7). Click on the “View Broadcast” link to access the Live class. 

    8). N.B. You DO NOT access the Live feed by entering Zoom. You must “Log In” to the JM DanceFit site, find your class on the Timetable page and click on the “View Broadcast” link. 

    To help ensure you get the best experience out of each session please note:

    • If you have more than one choice of device to use, it will be worth testing which one would be most suitable and capable of Live streaming.  The age of your device and its ability to Live stream will affect the quality of image and audio you receive. Your locality will also have an affect.
    • Check your WIFI connection is up and running and connect to your router where possible
    • Prior to the session charge your device so it does not run out of battery during the session
    • Ensure the space you have chosen to dance in is cleared of as many items as possible, e.g. remove any trip hazards such as rugs etc
    • Turn the volume on your device up so you can hear me and the music sufficiently
    • Ensure you have some water available to keep you fully hydrated during the session

    Any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at least 1 hour prior to the class on 07739518587.

  • How Do I Access My JM DanceFit Members Account

    To access your Member Account please click on the Login button found on the top right of the “Title Bar” next to “Contact”.

    Log into your account by entering your email and password.

    Click on the Login button a second time to view your personal Member page.  Here you can update your personal details and view your class records.

Children's FAQ's

  • How often do the children’s classes run and where?

    There are six children’s dance classes which run according to the individual school term timetable.  These classes are held in the main halls of BeerSeatonNewton Poppleford and Montgomery (Exeter) primary schools. The class times and venues have been carefully selected for your convenience and ease of attendance. Please see class Timetable section of the website for full details of all classes.

    Please note due to Covid-19 not all children’s classes are running. Please see the class ‘Timetable’ page of this site to see those which are active.

    Registration for the ZumbaKids classes is found under the “Classes” tab: Children’s ZumbaKids Sign Up Here!

  • What is the cost?

    Children’s dance classes are £4.50 each. Termly fees will need to be paid online via this website.

  • Who would benefit?

    All children can benefit from attending the dance classes which enable them to have a fun and positive experience of dance fitness. Children’s dance and fitness classes have been proved to encourage and help develop creativity, self-confidence, respect, team work and a sense of individuality, in addition to increased general fitness.

  • What does my child require for the class?
    • Clothing:  Children need appropriate and comfortable clothing to exercise in. The following children’s personalised uniform tops are available to purchase: T-shirts in black (£12 each), Sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-13.  Each uniform top will have the  child’s individual name printed on and can be accompained by shorts, leggings or jogging bottoms.
    • Footwear:  Trainers or plimsolls to cushion the soles of their feet.
    • Water:  Please ensure that your child is supplied with a small bottle of water to sip throughout the class to keep them well hydrated.
  • Arrival

    Please ensure that your child arrives on time and has been to the toilet before the start of the class.

  • Collection

    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure that their child is collected from class on time. Please collect your child from outside the venue.  Please provide a note to confirm if someone other than yourself is going to collect your child.

  • How will I know if a class is cancelled?

    Please ensure your correct email address and a contactable phone number is provided as requested on your JM DanceFit Account page. To guarantee delivery of any email class updates, please add johanna@jmdancefit.co.uk to your email contacts list. In the event of any class alterations due to weather or illness, you will be informed via text or email.

  • Medical concerns

    Little and Junior Starz* classes consist of a type of fitness workout that combines dance with aerobics.  It is your responsibility to ensure that if your child has any pre-existing medical condition or injuries, or develops future changes in their health, that you consult with their doctor before allowing them to participate in the class.