Adult Dance Fit classes in East Devon

Adult Dance Fit classes in East Devon

JM Dance Fit adult classes are all about having fun while exercising ‘in disguise’ and keeping fit.

The classes are available for everyone to attend, enjoy and experience a complete full-body workout in a friendly atmosphere. You will find all classes to be high in energy with added motivation coming from a passion for dance, fitness and great music!

The aim of JM DanceFit is to create an environment in which people can exercise and improve their level of fitness, without focusing too much on the physical workout.

The classes consist of a variety of energising routines which combine dance with aerobics. What sets them apart from a gym workout is the atmosphere of casual fun.  The classes focus on the enjoyment of sharing the music and steps along with others, therefore creating both a friendly and sociable environment.  This is why many people describe the classes being more like a party than a workout, i.e. exercising ‘in disguise’.

JM DanceFit classes are designed to be both enjoyable and a little challenging in order to achieve a rewarding and effective workout for all major muscle groups.  The routines alternate some simple but fast dance moves with slower steps to create an interval-training workout. In a single class you can burn hundreds of calories while toning muscles and having lots of fun!

With increasingly hectic and busy lifestyles, many people find the classes are a perfect opportunity to combine a regular fitness routine while having fun with their friends, making new relationships and socializing.  Many have found that they have improved their personal confidence and fitness levels while thoroughly enjoying the sense of community, experienced by attending the classes.  All of these benefits contribute to good health and happiness.

The dance classes are available throughout East Devon and are located at 6 different venues in and around Sidmouth, Sidford, Seaton and Colyton.

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