Zumba Dance Class Testimonials

Please view JM Dance Fit children's and adults' comments and feedback below:

Personal Testimonials:

Gail M

I was thrilled to find Johanna who introduced me to her Zumba classes. Her sessions are great fun and together with her enthusiasm and boundless energy have motivated us all to greater levels of fitness and flexibility. You don’t need to be perfect, just follow Johanna and enjoy yourself. The music is great and if you’re looking for the ‘feel good factor’ this is the class to choose.

Alexa B

Zumba classes with Johanna are brilliant! However you feel before the session you leave with a smile on your face. The music and moves are energizing and so much fun you forget you are having a work out! Johanna is encouraging, explains clearly when necessary, gives you the option to step it out or go for it and cools you down properly so there are no aches the next morning! I certainly miss it if I can’t get to one of her classes in a week!

Natalie E

The amount of energy, enthusiasm and fun Johanna brings to her classes is unbelievable! I went along to one of her classes not knowing anything about Zumba and it didn’t take long for me to be hooked! I looked forward to each class and could really feel the benefits!


Hi Johanna,

I first started coming to your Zumba classes approximately a year ago when I was off work having been diagnosed with work related anxiety/stress. Since then, the benefits of Zumba in terms of both my physical and emotional health has been, without exaggeration, amazing. I have lost weight; have improved stamina, and noticed numerous other health benefits. In terms of my emotional wellbeing.., well, Zumba is better than any therapy! I feel happier and more content than I have for a long time. I can arrive at Zumba feeling pretty grumpy but always leave with a much improved mood.

You always make it upbeat and fun so that one is blissfully unaware we are actually participating in a fitness regime at all and it seems more like a party atmosphere: something I and others look forward to. The atmosphere you create in the sessions are always non intimidating but at the same time within a learning environment. On top of the health benefits of Zumba I have made some very good friends…. So thank you Johanna for lots of different reasons but most of all for being a great instructor.

Best wishes.

Holly S

I wanted to lose weight and get fit after the birth of my second child. I had tried the gym and aerobics but they were not very motivating! I saw that Johanna had started Zumba classes in my area and I thought I would give it a go and I’m so glad I did. In combination with a healthy eating plan, Zumba helped me lose 2 stone and 2 dress sizes. The classes are full of great routines for any age, you can take it as easy or as hard as you like. I’ve recommended Johanna’s classes to all my friends and colleagues. Give it a go!!

Chrissy J
Philippa D

When I first turned up – on my own – to Johanna’s Zumba class, feeling a bit nervous, she went out of her way to welcome me and make me feel relaxed. She told me to take it at my own pace and to have a break if I needed to – this is good advice if you’ve never done Zumba before, as the speed and energy of it takes a bit of getting used to!

Johanna is inspirational in the way she demonstrates the steps but never makes you feel stupid or inferior in comparison to her. As well as being a great dancer and class leader, she’s also a lovely person. Very highly recommended.

Tracey S

I have been going to Johanna’s Zumba class for about a year now. It the best thing I have ever done. Johanna is not only a fantastic and inspirational teacher. Also a very good friend.

I was losing weight and wanted to tone up which I have achieved. I love the classes as its so much fun, the dances are great and the moves are so energising and easy to follow.
I always make sure I come to the classes every week and also really enjoy the fund raising events, which are all worth while.

The atmosphere is always great, every one is so friendly and it feels like we are having a party. Really always makes me feel so good. Real glad to have found you and your class. Happy Zumbering forever! 🙂

Dorrie P

Dear Johanna,
Since joining your wonderful Zumba Gold Class, I have wanted to put in words how much I enjoy your teaching, and what I am writing, is from the heart.

I am writing these words from one Tutor to another .
I trained to be a Yoga teach firstly in Derbyshire, then my husband was moved to Warwickshire where I continued my training with FRYOG Friends of Yoga. After receiving my Diploma I was offered classes in Coventry and Stratford upon Avon. I was then invited to train as a Tutor Trainer, training 40 odd students. Stratford pon Avon became the Centre of Yoga and many successful Courses followed, working closely with the British Wheel of Yoga. Since my early days, many and varied forms of Yoga is practised under numerous Associations.

My husband became incapacitated with Parkinsons so we moved to Devon to be with the family. After his long illness and subsequent death, I began to look around for some activity, I tried several classes but was unable to get enthusiastic about any one of them I saw an advert in the paper re a Zumba Gold class, I met Johanna, and after one class I was completely hooked. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Johanna is an exceptional teacher, she holds the class together beautifully with her love, enthusiasm, and knowledge which shines through. I will be forever grateful to her, my Thursday morning is my number 1 priority, this is my second year and I am even more “mad on my Zumba”, never think you are too old to join a Zumba Gold Class, I have reached my eighties but I know I am safe with such an excellent, experienced and caring Teacher, many thanks Johanna.

Dorrie Pack FRYOG Teaching Diploma
FRYOG Teacher Training Diploma

Bob H

I started the Zumba class by chance as a means of keeping out of the cold from waiting outside for the circuit training session which followed afterwards. The group seemed to be having a great time and so it proved for me when I joined them. Two years later and I am still hooked! As a gig rower and dragon boat paddler, I find the Zumba classes very beneficial for my flexibility and coordination and particularly for trying to keep in time with others. Johanna’s unwavering enthusiasm is always uplifting which adds immensely to a very worthwhile workout every time!

Party Testimonials:

Tracy S

I invited Johanna to kick start my 50th birthday party recently with a few Zumba routines. What a fabulous way to get my guests on the dance floor without effort.
Johanna brought her energy to the dance floor in a fun and professional way and made everyone that danced relaxed and confident about trying the steps for the first time.
A great idea to bring variety to any party…I would recommend Johanna for your next party!

Joanna C

Johanna was absolutely fantastic at our wedding, so full of energy and fun, it really got the party started. We had so many comments about what a fun and different thing it was to do to start the dancing off. She had toddlers, grandmas and everyone in between up on their feet smiling, laughing and dancing along with her routines, it was brilliant.

Johanna was really helpful in preparation, giving us a good choice of songs to pick and preparing easy to follow but fun routines, and liaised with our DJ to sort out playing the songs.

Would definitely recommend!

Georgina T

The dance class that Johanna provided for my Sister’s Hen Party was fantastic. She had everyone enjoying themselves and laughing within the first 2 minutes. Johanna was a great instructor, very patient and taught us a very stylish and fun dance. Everyone thought it was great fun and we even managed to put together a fancy routine. Plus Johanna gave the Hen a lovely gift. We all loved every minute.

Event Testimonials:

Sidford Playgroup (Pre-School) Committee

We had a ZumbAtomic morning to raise money for our playgroup and it was great fun! We had the children, Mums and Dads, and Grandparents all having a go. Johanna kept the attention of our 2-6 year olds with fun and imaginative routines. The children had a great time being penguins and shaking around with electricity! We will definitely call on Johanna again for more Zumba fundraising!

From the Children: